Condominium Association Claims

Condominium association losses can be extensive and are complicated due to the large number of documents insurance companies request during the claims investigation. The insurance company may request years of maintenance records and board meeting minutes. Current and former board members may be subject to Examinations Under Oath. Third party contractors may be asked to produce records of work they performed on the property. Experienced representation is recommended in such claims to ensure the scope of the insurer’s claim investigation is appropriate.


Condominium claims involve many other complex elements, such as determining the responsibilities of the unit owner versus the condominium association. This is generally governed by state statute, the condominium documents, and the policy itself. Typically, the unit owner is responsible for the floor, wall and ceiling coverings inward. At PAGEDATA, we can help you decipher the applicable laws, policy language and condominium by-laws, and fight to maximize recovery of what you are lawfully owed.

Condominium associations carry insurance against fire, water damage from roof leaks, burst pipes, weather events, and other types of perils. Unless the association board of directors are thoroughly familiar with a policy’s complex guidelines and time-sensitive procedures, the association risks recovering less than it should, and sometimes not enough to make the needed repairs.

Public Adjusters represent the condominium association interests by:

  • Reviewing your insurance policies
  • Advising officers of significant gaps or overlaps in coverage
  • Documenting your claims
  • Making sure you meet deadlines in your policy
  • Negotiating the maximum settlement under your policy

In addition to assisting with new claims, we can also re-open past claims up to five years old that have not been satisfactorily resolved.