Residential Claims

Some common causes of damage to your home include water damage, fire, and windstorm. When you file an insurance claim you have many responsibilities and deadlines according to your policy. If your home is uninhabitable you will need temporary housing. These additional living expenses are often covered by your insurance policy. We can help you get reimbursed for these costs.


The claims process is time consuming and involves many entities – your insurance company, their adjusters and inspectors, and contractors. As part of our service we review your insurance policy to determine the specific type of insurance and coverage amounts that apply to your loss.

It is your responsibility to provide the insurance company with a complete inventory of everything that was damaged or lost along with supporting documents such as receipts and costs to repair or replace. It can be an overwhelming task to try and remember all the items that were in your destroyed home. PageData can assist you in this process so you can continue with your regular life as soon as possible and make sure you are returned to your pre-loss state including replacing or rebuilding with like kind and quality of materials and taking into account any changes in building codes.


The best time to call PageData is immediately after a loss has occurred. If you have not reported your claim to your insurance company we can report it for you. If you have already started the claim process, we will notify your insurance company and let them know that we are now representing you and that all communications should be directed through our office.


We will inspect the property and write our own estimate to repair or rebuild. The insurance adjuster sent by the insurance company represents the insurance company’s interests and not your interest. We will coordinate bringing in other experts, as needed, such as architects, engineers, and attorneys. We will attend any and all necessary meetings with your insurance company, their adjusters or representatives, or any other interested parties.

We will review with you all insurance claims before they are submitted to your insurance company. We will negotiate with your insurance company to get the maximum possible settlement amount (the most money possible) to cover your damages and costs to repair and rebuild to your pre-loss condition. We will review all adjustment offers from your insurance company during our meetings for your full and final approval. We will confirm all settlement agreements with your insurance company in writing. We will not accept any settlements from your insurance company without your prior approval.