Appraisal and Mediation


It is common for insurance policies to contain the option for either you (the insured) or the insurance company to demand an “Appraisal” if either of you disagree about the amount of the insured loss.

The Appraisal process is similar to arbitration and is less expensive and more expedient than going to court to reach a settlement. The Appraisal Panel is made up of three participants: two Appraisers and a neutral Umpire. Both the insurance company and the insured (you) select an Appraiser to represent them in the process. The Umpire is agreed upon to serve as the final decision-maker if the two Appraisers cannot agree on the loss amount. PageData represents the insured (you) in the Appraisal process. Our practical knowledge of the insurance carrier’s outlook on property insurance claims proves beneficial in moving our clients’ disputes forward toward resolution with their insurance carriers. When properly utilized, the Appraisal process can be a very effective means to settle complex insurance claims.


Mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution that may be used instead of taking a matter to the judicial system or Appraisal for settlement. Mediation is a non-binding and confidential forum wherein participants can work to improve their understanding of each others’ position and, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, attempt to work out an equitable settlement. The mediator does not impose any decision on the parties in disagreement, but rather helps the parties to reach an agreement which is mutually acceptable.