Denied Claims

If your insurance claim for your home or business was denied, PageData can review your denied claim and determine if your denial is valid. Some claims are wrongfully denied just because of the way the loss was reported. Your old insurance claim can be re-opened within certain time constraints.

Insurance claims can be devastating to you and your family, whether resulting from fire, theft or vandalism. In fire cases, you may not only lose your house, but all the contents and memories that it took years to put together. In vandalism and theft cases, your possessions may be stolen or destroyed and the safe feeling of security in your own home may be lost. PageData can help you through the process from the initial statements you have to give to the police, fire departments and insurance companies, through the entire claims process.

Your insurance company may not act in your best interest because they are looking out for their own best interests. They may look for ways to deny your claim. There are many pitfalls for the inexperienced, including many responsibilities that your insurance policy requires you to do after a loss. Without the help of an experienced insurance claims adjuster, your claim might be denied or delayed for a multitude of reasons even though you were the innocent victim in these claims.

We offer a free consultation of denied insurance claims.