Hail Damage

hail storm

Hail can cause extensive property damage to roofs, windows and siding, but can be difficult to document.

Hail Damage Evidence

The independent claim adjuster from your insurance company may downplay hail damage even if you saw and heard the hail storm take place. We suggest you personally assess your property and look for the following signs to help substantiate hail damage and the ensuing claim:

  • Impact Marks – Hail stones will cause impact marks on the siding of a home or business as well as automobiles. Proof of impact marks can help substantiate a hail damage claim.
  • Chips – Hail stones can cause stucco, paint and other coatings to chip. Check the perimeter of your property for evidence of chipped coating.
  • Dents – Hail will cause aluminum siding, metal roofing and other similar material to dent.
  • Broken Glass – Hail and excessive winds can cause glass on windows, automobiles and enclosed patios to break.


Roof Hail Damage Problems

Hail damage to roofs is not always obvious and as such, hail claims are often hard to quantify due to the undisturbed appearance of fresh hail impacts on certain roof systems. At first glance, these impacts are nearly imperceptible and subsequently, a hail damage claim will be denied or dismissed by the insurance company adjuster.

An experienced public adjuster knows that a thorough inspection will often lead to loose granules which compromise the integrity of the underlying roofing materials. The roof damage from hail ultimately becomes obvious, but if too much time has passed before the hail damage manifests into a leaking roof, your hail claim will be difficult to link to the original hail storm.

Fortunately, our public adjusters and property damage appraisers utilize the latest roof and weather technology to substantiate and document these types of hail damage roof claims. If your home or business has hail damage, you owe it to yourself to get a professional second opinion.

hail damage   hail damage

When to Seek Help with a Hail Damage Claim

While all claimants with a hail damage claim can benefit from a public adjuster’s help, you absolutely need to consult with a trusted and experienced adjuster if your insurance company has:

  • – Said the hail damage to the roof is from wear and tear
  • – Agreed to only replace or repair parts of the roof
  • – Denied your hail damage roof claim
  • – Treated you in a dismissive way and has not given your hail claim due consideration.