Supplemental Claims


A supplemental insurance claim can be filed within five years of the original insurance claim in order to modify and correct a mistake or add additional information.

In many cases, a supplemental insurance claim is necessary to cover additional expenses or newly discovered damage as a result of the initial incident. PageData is dedicated to ensuring that you receive full compensation for the damage to your home or property – especially when a supplemental claim is necessary.

If you discover new evidence of damage, you should immediately document the problem with photos or videos, as well as written notes summarizing the issue. For example, a water leak might have caused hidden damage to the electrical system that will require additional repair work.

Documentation is especially important when opening a supplemental claim, as considerable time may have passed since the initial insurance claim. When filing supplemental claims, you should document the nature of the claim, the reason for modifying your original claim, and all information you have about both the initial claim and the supplemental claim.



A professional public adjuster can be the difference between a swift and effective resolution to your supplemental claim, and weeks or months of added time and expenses.

Some supplemental insurance claims occur because the insurance company’s representative was negligent in noting the damage to the property. For example, water damage may not have been properly documented and the claim must be reopened in order to repair additional items.

In other cases, a supplemental claim may be necessary if the price of repairing the damage to your property has changed. For example, the cost of material or labor may increase over the course of a long-term repair. Thus, a supplemental claim will be necessary for you to receive the full benefit of your insurance policy.

PageData has experience in dealing with vendors and will be able to evaluate changes to the repair situation to ensure your receive the best possible assistance.

When preparing to open a supplemental claim, you can rely on the professional assistance from PageData.